I can't wait till the competition, I've got a lot to do to practice, But a brocken part has slowed me down about a WEEK, so i've got to fix it in time, But I won't be using my car, i'll be using a nitro car supplied by a freind who is running the show. All who is going to race, will be using the exact same car, So to win, we just need to see who is the quickest. (or something like that)


I got an SMS from a Friend asking if I wanted to enter into a RC NITRO competition, And of course I entered. I'll be using a Nitro car, And It'll be so awsome. I can't wait.

Great day

.................Today was pretty slow, But that's awsome because, Grandma and Pop are here (and they have been here since yesterday and leaving tomorow). And i beat my record of studs (coins) on LEGO STAR WARS. I got about 135,370 studs!! I got a new favorite character;Count dooko. Awsome game, But it only works on Grandma's laptop..............which is soooooo i can only play it when they come up here. And there up here now so...................Bye

My B-day

My B-day was on the 16th, And it was a classic hit......And now i'm allowed to stay up as long as I want. But I still have to get up at 7:00am in the morning. (which is quite disturbing) 

Are you a pro?

My rc car..............................You'd need to be  a pro to be fixing (buying parts) all the time, But in the long run, What I mean is that when I used it properly, I realized why it cost so much. So I always take it to the park where it can go so quick(VERY).

RC's Hoot

I bought a Brushless Electric 1/10 scale Buggy. Which is very cool, I don't need to be on the internet as much as I used to. Plus, I don't have to get fuel for a nitro powered one, I just plug it into the wall and, PRESTO!!